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New Sunbeam Alpine Manifold & Weber 32/36 Carburettor Conversion Kit

Complete Kit including K&N Conical Filter

Kit consists of New Alpine Manifold, Weber 32/36 DGV Carburettor (Std. Alpine Jetting), Insulator Gasket Block, Plenum Chamber, Air Intake Ducting Hose 700mm, K & N Conical Air Filter (std), Fuel Filter, 2ft. Fuel Delivery Hose, Manifold Studs, Nuts, Washers, Throttle Linkage Kit, Adjustable linkage Rod, Jubilee Clips, Self Tapping Screws etc.

Price £619.23+VAT = £743.08


Breather Pipe from Flame Trap to Air Intake £

Manifold Gasket